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What is the difference between my current balance, my available balance, and my collected balance?

Balance Definition
Available Balance for Personal Accounts …is the balance that's currently available to you to make purchases, withdrawals, etc. This balance is updated throughout the day with transactions you make. The available balance reflects any posted and pending transactions, and any holds. It does not include any checks you have written or deposits that have not posted. This balance is used in making payment decisions and determining returned or overdraft item fees. Learn more at www.suntrust.com/thefacts
Available Balance for Business Accounts …is the amount of funds available for immediate withdrawal or use. It is the Current Balance less any pending debit card purchases, any ATM withdrawals, any current day automatic payments, any debit card settlement transactions, deposited checks that have not cleared (two or more days), plus any cash deposits or electronic deposits that are part of the day’s activity.. This balance does not reflect checks or outstanding debit items that have not been presented for payment. A fee may be charged to your account if you withdraw funds that are not available.
Current (Ledger) Balance Your current balance (also called ledger balance) is the actual amount in your account after nightly posting and does not change throughout the day. It does not include holds or pending transactions.
Collected Balance Your collected balance is the same as the current (ledger) balance, except that it does not include any checks you have deposited for which the bank hasn't received credit. Collected balance is used to calculate interest paid on interest-bearing accounts. It is also used to determine whether balance requirements have been met to waive monthly maintenance fees on some accounts.

A hold is placed on your account to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover cashed checks, or similar withdrawal transactions, or a check you have deposited in case the deposited check is returned unpaid. Holds are also placed when the bank receives a levy, garnishment, or similar court order.

All checks and other items, including checks drawn on SunTrust, are credited subject to final payment and receipt of proceeds by us and subject to such items not being returned to us. Without prior notice to you, we may charge back any item at any time, whether the item is returned. Such a debit may occur regardless of the amount of time since an item was presented by you, whether you were notified that the funds for such item were available or had been previously collected or you had withdrawn or otherwise made use of the funds previously credited to your Account. SunTrust cannot determine whether an item that you previously deposited or negotiated will be returned. Therefore, neither SunTrust nor any of its employees or agents will be liable for any statement to you that an item, including a check, will not be returned or that such item or check is or was “good” or any other statement of a similar nature._