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How do I sign on to Online Banking?

You must be registered for an online account before you can sign on to SunTrust Online Banking.
For more information regarding enrolling in Online Banking, refer to the following information:

If you are using a Mobile Device and need assistance, go to What is the SunTrust Mobile App?.

To sign on to Online Banking, perform the following steps:


From the SunTrust Web page, in the Online Banking Sign On box, enter your User ID.

If you forgot your User ID, go to What if I forgot my User ID?
The User ID must be 8-25 characters, letters and/or numbers. There should be no spaces or special characters. For security reasons, SunTrust recommends that you do not use personal information that is easily obtained or guessed, such as your Social Security Number, birth dates, home addresses, etc.


Enter your Password.

If you forgot your Password, go to What if I forgot my Password?.
The Password must be 6-20 characters with at least one letter and one number. There should be no spaces and no special characters.


Click Sign On.

If after following the previous instructions and you are still experiencing issues signing on, refer to the following information:

  • After 180 days of inactivity your account will be deactivated. To reactivate, you must sign up for Online Banking again.

  • If you receive a Sign On error, go to What Do I Do If I received the Sign On Error Page for further information.

  • Verify the browser security settings are set to the Medium level or lower. If the browser security settings are set to High, the browser will not accept cookies and will not allow you to log in. You can change the browser security setting back to what you were using previously, if desired. For more information, go to How secure is Online Banking?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a SunTrust Representative at 1-800-382-3232.