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How do I add new or existing bank accounts I own to my external accounts portfolio?

To add new or existing bank accounts that you own to your external account portfolio, perform the following steps:


From External Transfers page, click Preferences.



Select Add a New Account.


Select the Account Type you wish to add.

Image of step three


You may choose to enter an Account Nickname, and then enter your financial institution 9-digit Routing Number and Account Number. Re-enter your Account Number for confirmation.

Image of steps four and five


Click Add.


Next, you may be asked to further verify your account ownership, you will receive a confirmation verified, SunTrust can often verify the account with your institution immediately via the Internet.

If the account is verified immediately through the Internet, you will also be asked to supply the login credentials you use to gain access to your online account with that financial institution (not your SunTrust user name and password).

If trial deposit verification is required, you will be brought to the Activate Your Account Using Test Deposits page where you will initiate the trial deposit process. For more information go to, How do I use the trial deposit verification method to verify my external accounts?