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How do I use the trial deposit verification method to verify my external accounts?

To use the trial deposit verification method to verify your external accounts, perform the following steps:


After you have finished entering your investment and/or bank account information, on the Test Deposits have been sent page, select Done.

Image of step one


SunTrust will initiate one or two trial transfers to your account; acquire these amounts to finish the verification.

The transfer will usually be posted on your account within the next two business days. You can then identify the amounts either by calling your financial institution, by viewing the balance online, or by reviewing your monthly statement. The trial transfer transactions are identified as from SunTrust.


Return to the Preferences page, and click Verify next to the account record.



Enter the amounts of the transfers and then click Activate.

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If the values match, under STATUS, you will see the account is Active on the Manage Accounts page.