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How do I edit an external transfer request?

If the edit option is not available, then the transfer is in process and cannot be cancelled.

To edit an external funds transfer (one time standard, next day, scheduled, or recurring funds transfer), perform the following steps:


From the Move Money page, select External Transfers.


Select the Activity tab.


Determine the transfer to be modified and click the Arrow next to the transfer.

Image of steps two, three, four and note

You also can access the edit function by clicking the Edit option next to the transfer.


Click Edit.


On the Edit Transfer page, make your changes and then click Save.

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When editing a transfer that is part of a recurring transfer plan, you will have the option to edit This Transfer or All Remaining Transfers.


On the Edit Transfer Confirmation page, you will be provided with a reference number and a display of the transfer details, click Done to return to the Activity page.

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The transfer/transfer plan will now reflect the edits made on Activity page.