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What do the different status designations mean?

The different status designations and their definitions are as follows:

  • On Hold: The transfer is delayed due to verification in process or failure of verification.
  • Completed: The transfer is confirmed. The transfer is reflected in your account balances with your institutions as a withdrawal from your source account and a deposit in your destination account. It is a good idea to verify the transfer with your financial institutions.
  • Stopped: The transfer was halted while the transaction was in process.
  • Declined: The transfers was refused after review by SunTrust Risk Team.
  • Rejected/Failed: SunTrust was unable to remove the funds from the source account or place the funds in your destination account.
  • Pending: The transfer has been requested and is awaiting processing.
  • Cancelled: The transfer was deleted while the transfer was still pending.
  • In Process: The transfer was accepted and the funds are in progress of being delivered to your destination account.

Typical causes of a failed or returned funds transfer request are the following:

  • An incorrect account number or bank ABA routing number provided during the account setup.
  • A lack of sufficient funds in the source account: If SunTrust receives a return due to non-sufficient funds (NSF) in the source account; SunTrust automatically attempts the transaction a second time. After a second NSF return, a Transfer Funds request is designated unsuccessful. If SunTrust receives a return notice on your transaction, indicating the transfer cannot be completed, SunTrust notifies you by email.

It is possible that you might see a record of the debit on the account statement of your source account. If this does occur, the funds are returned to that account automatically, appearing as a credit on your account statement.