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How do I advance money from my Equity Line of Credit account?

To advance money from your Equity Line, perform the following steps:

Advances through Online Banking can only be completed using a SunTrust checking or money market account. There is currently a fee associated with a request from the Fixed Rate/Fixed Term selection. To learn more, please refer to your Lending Agreement Disclosure Statement.


From the navigation bar, click Accounts.

Image of step one


Under Loans, Lines of Credit and Access 3, click the Access 3 account from which you wish to make the advance.

Image of step two


From the Access 3 account, click Advance.

Image of step three


From Pay & Transfer page in the One Time tab, within the From drop-down menu, click to select an option. Within the To drop-down menu, for the account you wish to advance money to, click to select an account.

Image of step four


Within the Advance Amount text box, enter the amount of the advance.

Image of step five


In the Option section, select one of the following terms:

    • Variable Rate
    • Fixed Rate/Fixed Term

For Line of Credit

    • Revolving
    • Interest Only
    • Fixed Rate/Fixed Term

For Access 3

Image of step six and note

If you would like to use the Fixed Rate/Fixed Term option, the advance must be a minimum of $5,000.00, and you must also select a term for the advance from the Term drop-down menu.

If you would like to add a note to the advance, enter it in the Note field.

Image of step seven and note


Click Submit.


In the Verify Transaction pop-up window, review the details for the transaction, and then click Submit.

Image of step eight

A confirmation message will appear.