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How do I order a copy of a check?

To order a copy of a check, perform the following steps:


From the navigation bar, click Support.

Image of step one


Under Find it Fast, in the Accounts section, click Checking/Savings/Money Market to expand the menu, then click View/Order Check Copy.

Image of step two


In the View/Order a Check Copy pop-up window, select the account you would like to view or order a check from.

Image of steps three through five and search note


In the Check Date range, select the dates you want to search.

You may search for checks less than seven years old, and the date range must be less than or equal to 45 days. Greater than 45 days will produce an error message when attempting to search.

If desired, in the Check Amount section, enter the amount of the check, or in the Check Number (or Range) section, enter the range of check numbers you want to view or order copies of.


Click Search.


Follow the additional screen prompts to order a copy of a check.