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How do I download my transactions from Online Banking?

SunTrust Online Banking offers the ability to download transactions in the following formats:

  • Excel and Quicken in both PC and MAC formats
  • Quickbooks

SunTrust recommends disabling or bypassing any pop-up blockers before attempting to download transactions.

To download your transactions from Online Banking, perform the following steps:


On any page within Online Banking, in the navigation bar, click Support.

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Under Find it Fast, click Checking/Savings/Money Market, and then Download Transactions. Or if you wish to download all of your accounts at once just select Download All Transactions.



From Download Transactions, click to select a transaction range. In the File Format drop-down menu, click to select a file format.

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Click Download. Be sure to bypass your pop-up blocker, usually by holding the control key or enable pop-up from SunTrust in your pop-up blocking software.

If the file download settings on your computer are set to prompt you will see a download file request. If the file download settings are not set to prompt, the computer will automatically try to open the file with the appropriate software.

You can also access the Download Transaction icon on the Accounts view where you can select different accounts as well as All Accounts.

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