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What are the differences between Available Credit, Credit Limit, and Outstanding Balance on my Visa® Signature Credit Card*?

For Visa Signature Credit Cards opened after February 5, 2007, your SunTrust credit relationship is defined by three terms:

  • Available Credit: The amount of your credit limit that is currently available for your use.

  • Credit Limit: The total amount of credit that is assigned to your credit account.

  • Outstanding Balance: The amount of your assigned credit that you have already used.

Your Visa Signature credit account has no pre-set spending limit, offering you remarkable purchasing power. Individual transactions over your credit limit are evaluated and authorized based on factors such as account history, credit record, payment resources, revolving balances, and prior cash advances. If you exceed your credit limit, you will be required to pay, as part of your minimum payment, the amount by which your new balance exceeds your credit limit. Refer to your Cardmember Agreement for additional details.

*The SunTrust Consumer Credit Card is issued by SunTrust Bank. All credit cards are subject to credit approval.