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How do I transfer an existing balance to my SunTrust Credit Card*?

To transfer an existing balance to your SunTrust Credit Card, perform the following steps:


On any page within Online Banking, click Support.

Image of step one


On the Support page, under Find it Fast, in the Move Money section, click Balance Transfers.

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In the Balance Transfer window, from the Card to Receive Transfer drop-down menu, select the credit card that you would like to transfer the balance to.


In the Transfer Amount, From Account, and Confirm Account fields, enter the amount you want to transfer to your SunTrust credit card and the account number of the account you want to transfer the balance from.

Image of steps three, four, and five


Click Submit.

If you do not receive the Account Not Found warning, go to Step 8.


If you receive the Account Not Found warning, enter the name of the card issuer of the amount you are transferring, their payment address, then click Submit.

Image of step six


Review the balance transfer details, then click Submit.

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At the Are you sure you want to submit this request? prompt, click Yes, Transfer Balance.

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On the Balance Transfer Disclosure window, review the disclosure information, then click I Accept.

Image of step nine


At the Your balance transfer request has been submitted prompt, click OK.

*The SunTrust Consumer Credit Card is issued by SunTrust Bank. All credit cards are subject to credit approval.