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How do I set up an alert?

For your safety, Security Alerts are automatically enabled for your account. These alerts will be delivered to your email address and they cannot be modified or disabled. Examples of Security Alerts are:

  • User ID/Password Change
  • Email Address Change
  • Security Question/Answer Change
  • Statement Delivery

To set up an alert, perform the following steps:


From any Online Banking page, click My Settings.

Image of step one


From My Profile, click Alerts.

Image of step two


On the Account Alerts tab, find the account for which you want to set the alerts.


In the email and TEXT columns, select the types of notifications you want to receive, then click Save.


If you select Daily Balance Alert, and select the Email and Text checkboxes the alert will be delivered to your mobile number and email address.


Once your change has been saved, toggle will be set on ON.