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How do I add a memo to a payment sent by check?

The memo field can be used for many reasons, such as identifying why a payment is being made, or adding an account number for tracking purposes.

To add a memo to a payment sent by check, perform the following steps:


From the Payment Center tab, in select the biller you wish to pay.

To set a Preferred Account from which to always pay bills, go to How do I set a preferred account from which to pay bills?



Next to the bill you wish to pay, within the Amount text box, enter the information for the payment. The Pay Date will automatically update.


Click Send Money.


From Review Payments, within the Memo text box, enter a memo for the payment, and then click Submit Payments.

Up to 32 characters are allowed for the memo.


If the information is not correct, click Make Changes or Cancel.


From Payment Confirmation, click Return to Payment Center.