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What are qualified (signature) purchases?

Qualifying Purchase(s) are new retail purchases on Your Card Account in good standing each billing cycle, minus credits/returns/adjustments. The following items are not retail purchases and therefore do not qualify:

  1. Payment of existing Card Account balances
  2. Balance Transfers
  3. Cash Advances (via ATM or card originations by any other means)
  4. Quasi Cash or Cash-Equivalent Items (e.g., travelers checks, gambling chips, and any other items that serve as cash or are convertible to cash)
  5. Fees/Interest that SunTrust bills
  6. Fraudulent/Unauthorized Transactions
  7. Convenience Checks
  8. Stored Value Cards (e.g., gift cards, prepaid cards, etc.)
  9. Wire Transfers
  10. Money Transfers
  11. Overdraft Advances.