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What are the differences between the Mobile Alerts, Text Banking, Mobile Web, Mobile App and Tablet App offered by SunTrust?

  • SunTrust Mobile Alerts provide simple, easy to read account and security alerts delivered via text message to your mobile phone.
  • Text Banking allows you to view account balances or transaction history and locate an ATM or branch via text message commands from your mobile phone.
  • SunTrust Mobile Web provides account access, funds transfers, payments and advances on your web-enabled mobile device.
  • The SunTrust Mobile App is an application that is specifically designed to work on iPhone and Android mobile devices and provides account access, funds transfers, payments, advances and mobile deposits.
  • The Tablet App is optimized for tablet screens and offers most of the same functionality as the Mobile App, plus access to useful financial articles and tips.

Compare Mobile Banking Options

Tablet App Mobile App Mobile Web Text Banking Mobile Alerts
Covered by Mobile Banking Guarantee X X X X X
View Account Balances X X X
Quick Balance View (Check Balance Without Signing On) X X X
View 18 Mos. Transaction History (Pending and Posted Items for Deposit Accounts) X X X
View 6 Mos. Transaction History (Posted Items for Credit Card Accounts) X X X
View Loan History (Posted items for Loan accounts) X X X
Transfer Funds X X X
Consumer Credit Card Payments and Cash Advances X X X
Loan Payments and Advances X X X
Pay Bills X X X
Add Biller X X X
Mobile Deposit X X
ATM/Branch Locator X X X
Search Transactions (180 Days for Deposit Accounts) X X X
Retrieve User ID/Password From Sign On Screen X X X
Set Statement Delivery Preference X X X
Account Alerts X
Security Alerts X
Enroll in Digital Banking X