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How do I cancel a pending payment in the Pay Bills section of Move Money?

The Cancel option for pending payments is not available after payments have begun processing. Processing can occur three to five business days before the due date to ensure that the payment is received on time. Same Day Bill Pay and Overnight Check payments start processing immediately and therefore cannot be canceled.

You can identify if a payment is processing by reviewing a bill detail's status. You will also see the following notification if a payment is in processing status; This bill payment is processing and can no longer be changed or canceled. Please check back after the pay date for more details.

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This process is for one-time payments only. To cancel an automatic payment, go to How do I delete an automatic payment?

To cancel a pending payment, perform the following steps:


From Pending Payments, next to the payment you wish to cancel, click Cancel.

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From Cancel Payment screen, click Cancel Payment.

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From Cancel Payment screen, click Finished.

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