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How do I pay electronic bills?

To pay electronic bills, perform the following steps:


On any page within Online Banking, in the top navigation bar, click Move Money.

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From the MOVE MONEY left navigation pane, click Pay Bills.

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From the Pay Bills page, on the Payment Center tab,locate the bill you want to pay.


In the Amount field, enter the dollar amount you want to pay, then click Send Money at the bottom of the Payment Center Page.



The Date field will automatically populate with today's date after the Amount field is populated. To change the date of the payment, click on the Calendar icon.


Review the payment information, then click Submit Payments.

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On the confirmation page, review your payments, then click Return to Payment Center .


If you would like to print a copy of the confirmation page, click Print.

Once you click Return to Payment Center, you will be redirected to the Payment Center page.