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What do I do if my payment has not been received or credited?

First, check to see how your payment was issued. If the payment was issued as a draft check, there may be extra time needed to allow for the check to be processed.

While you may see this as “delivered” in Bill Pay, check to see if the payment shows in the transaction history of your checking account. Until the recipient receives the check, deposits it, and it is debited from your checking account, the payment is not complete.

If the recipient does not receive the check or loses it, there may be a discrepancy between Bill Pay and your checking account.

If the payment was electronic and has been debited from your account, there are several options available to have it investigated:

  • You can complete a payment inquiry from within bill pay.
  • You can send us a secure email from your Online Banking.
  • You can contact Online Banking support at 1-800-382-3232.

For more information on how to send a payment inquiry, go to How do I inquire on a processed payment?