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How do electronic bills work with Bill Pay?

Certain billers that you set up can send us electronic versions of your bills. If your biller is eBill enabled, then you will see the “eBills” link displayed in the Payment Center.

To set up an eBill, select the “eBills” link and click “Request eBills”.

You enter the information that your biller requires to set up your electronic billing service, and we send your request to the biller.

The example below is for Comcast Cable and shows the message that will display until your eBill is activated.

After the biller processes your request, you will receive a notification when your bill is due.

To pay or file the bill, click the eBills link.

Some billers let you select options to pay your electronic bills automatically. You can decide to always pay the amount due or set limits for automatically paying the bill. You can also decide to pay the bill on the due date or schedule the payment for the earliest date available after you receive the bill.