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What is a recurring payment plan and how does it work?

A recurring payment plan allows you to repeat a payment based on your specified frequency and duration.

A Biller must first be set up in Bill Pay before recurring payment plans can be scheduled.

To set up a recurring payment plan, perform the following steps:


From any page within Online Banking, click Move Money.

Image of step one


From the MOVE MONEY navigation pane, click Pay Bills.

Image of step two


On the Pay Bills page, select Manage Bills.

Image of steps three and four


From the My Bills drop-down menu, select the bill you want to set up for recurring payments.

Bill options vary based on the type of bill and the info you've already set up.


In the bill options list, click Set up automatic payments.

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Complete the following fields:

    • Pay From
    • Pay This Amount
    • Pay on This Date
    • Email Address

If a payment of a recurring payment plan falls on a holiday or a weekend, we will send the payment on the prior Business Day.

Image of steps six and seven


Click Start Making Payments.