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I used to send money to third parties via the External Transfers function. What has happened to this information?

As part of introducing Popmoney ®, we have migrated your third-party Send Money information and activity from External Transfers to Popmoney. This includes contacts and accounts, as well as upcoming and previous transactions. Categories for previous transactions will not be migrated; please re-establish these categories in Popmoney.

To access your Send Money information, you will first need to enroll in Popmoney. Sign on to Online Banking, go to the Move Money and then choose the Pay a Person option.

To enroll in Popmoney, perform the following steps:


Review the Popmoney Welcome page and select Get Started.

Image of step one


Review the email address we have associated with your Online Banking profile and enter your phone number (mobile phone number is preferred) then select Confirm.

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You will receive an email message with the verification code for the email address and SMS message or phone call with the verification code for the phone number provided.


Enter these verification codes in the Popmoney application and select Finish. Your enrollment is complete and you can now start using Popmoney.


To locate your Send Money accounts, go to the Contacts tab in Popmoney. You should see all the accounts or contacts you previously setup.

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You can add, edit or delete these contacts as needed.


To locate your previous or upcoming transactions, go to the Activity tab.

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In the History section, you can view and search for any previous transactions. In the Scheduled Payments section, you can view, edit, or cancel any upcoming or recurring transactions you may have scheduled.