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What is Overdraft Protection?

Overdraft Protection allows you to link your checking or money market account to one of the established protection accounts listed below so that your transactions are covered by the balances or available credit in your protector account:

  • SunTrust Credit Card
  • Deposit Account (Checking, Savings, Money Market)
  • Access 3®
  • Personal or Executive Credit Line

Once you have established your Overdraft Protection Service, you will not incur non-sufficient fund fees or returned item fees if you overdraw your account and there are available funds in your protection account. There is a $ 12.50 transfer fee per daily transfer for this service.. If an Overdraft Assurance line of credit is your protection account, you will only pay a $7 monthly product fee 1, no transfer fees.

A $7 monthly fee will be assessed to your designated checking account in order to maintain access to the Overdraft Assurance line of credit. If funds are not repaid back to the Overdraft Assurance account before the 4th calendar day after the date advances are posted to your credit line, interest will begin to accrue. APRs are fixed and standard APRs could range from 13% to 16% APR. Exclusions and limitations apply. Overdraft Assurance is subject to credit approval, and if approved, transfers will be made up to your available credit limit.