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What is a "Funds Held" transaction?

A transaction stating “Funds Held” indicates that a hold has been placed on your account. In accordance with our Funds Availability Policy, we may place a hold on your deposit, which delays when those funds will be available to you. We will notify you via mail if we delay your ability to withdraw funds for any reason, and we will tell you when the funds will be available. You will also be able to see any holds placed on your account in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. During the delay, the funds are unavailable, and therefore you may not withdraw the funds. If checks are presented or withdrawals made against unavailable funds, you may incur overdraft or returned item fees.

If funds are held, they will be available for ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions by the date shown. If indicated, funds may be available to cover items during posting prior to then. Funds held are deducted from your Available Balance to accurately reflect the amount you have available to spend in your account at that time.

Learn more about Holds and Funds Availability at www.suntrust.com/thefacts.