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What is a Fee Not Charged transaction?

In some cases, we automatically waive Overdraft and Returned Item Fees on your behalf. These fees may not be charged for one of the following reasons: product benefit, the transaction that overdrew your account was less than $5, the transaction that was returned was less than $5, you declined Overdraft Coverage, the daily maximum number of Overdraft and/or Returned item fees was already met, or other type of waiver.

“An Overdraft Item Fee is incurred when a transaction amount exceeds the available balance and is paid with negative funds. Overdraft fees may be assessed on checks, recurring debit card transactions and ACH items and other items. Also, if you have accepted Overdraft Coverage, ATM and one-time debit card transactions may be assessed an overdraft fee.”

“A Returned Item Fee is incurred when a check or ACH item is returned unpaid due to not having a sufficient available balance.”

Learn more about Extended Overdraft Fees at www.suntrust.com/thefacts.