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How is my deposit balance that is shown with my transactions calculated?

The balance shown with your deposit account transactions is your Available Balance. Your Available Balance is the money in your checking or savings account that's currently available to you to make purchases, withdrawals, etc. This balance is updated throughout the day with transactions you make. The Available Balance reflects any posted and pending transactions, and any holds. It does not include any checks you have written or deposited that have not posted. This balance is used in making payment decisions and triggering returned item or overdraft fees.

Here’s how your current balance is used to calculate your available balance: Current Balance – Pending Withdrawals/Debits + Pending Deposits/Credits = Available Balance

Note: A pending transaction is a transaction that has not been posted to your account, but is reflected in your available balance. For debit card transactions, the amount may change depending on the final amount received from the merchant.

Learn more about Tracking Balances at www.suntrust.com/thefacts.