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Does applying for many new credit accounts hurt FICO® Scores more than applying for just a single new account?

The short answer is yes—applying for many new accounts often hurts your FICO® Scores more than applying for a single new account. There is no magic number of applications to which you should limit yourself. However, FICO® Scores consider recent inquiries less as time passes, provided no new inquiries are added.

Applying for a single new credit card may have a small impact to a FICO® Score, but if you apply for several credit cards, that can have a much greater effect on your FICO® Scores. Generally, rate shopping for home or auto loans will have less of an impact on your FICO® Scores than comparison shopping for credit cards or other types of credit accounts. A better practice when determining the best credit card is to read about the features of each card and then only apply for the one that has the features you want from your new card.

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