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How do I add money to my BrightFolio account(s)?

There are two ways to add cash to your BrightFolio account(s). Your SunTrust deposit accounts are automatically linked to your BrightFolio account(s). All you have to do is access either the “Move Money” tab in SunTrust Online Banking once you have logged in, or you can move money directly from your BrightFolio account dashboard.

To move money from another (non-SunTrust) deposit account, you must first link the account. You can do that from either the “Move Money” tab in Online Banking or the BrightFolio dashboard. Once linked, the same process above would apply.

You may also set up recurring contributions on a bi-weekly or less frequent basis from both the “Move Money” tab and BrightFolio dashboard.

Keep in mind, we will wait to invest your funds until you have approximately $250 or more in cash per account. The minimum funding amount is $10.